International Zeitschrift (IZ) is a journal for dialogue and analysis of current events with an international legal focus. We also feature historical and philosophical content that can help us better understand the context for events we witness and experience in the present. Our goal is to help make people better educated about the interplay between the law, international events, and the philosophies and ideologies which give rise to them. While we feature articles written by a number of legal academics on various topics, we also accept article submissions from professors and students from a wide variety of disciplines. If you have an article which figures into the international discussion alluded to here, we welcome your submission.

Subject Areas
International Law
Law of the Sea
International Politics and Policy
Philosophy of Law
History of Law
Geopolitical Reflections

Author Instructions
Manuscript submissions are accepted via email to '' with "article submission" in the subject line. We will accept articles up to 15,000 words, but many of our articles come in under 5000: in other words, we encourage both concise write-ups as well as longer academic works.

Authors are required to send their manuscripts as a plain Microsoft Word document, with no formatting to margins. The style we desire should be something akin to Turabian or Chicago, with footnotes only and no spaces between them. Manuscript submissions should be double spaced, fonts should be Times New Roman, twelve point for text and ten for footnotes. Looking at an article in this issue will give the author a ready guide.


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