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Volume 6

May 2010

Number 1

An African Odyssey
East Africa Trip, 2010
Photography by Kate Curry & Aweis Issa

Part 2

Kenyan Parliament Grounds

Kate in front Kenyan Parliament Clock Tower

Aweis at President Jomo Kenyatta Cemetary

Aweis at Old Mombasa

Mombasa Temple

Cemetary in Mombasa

Aga Khan Road, Mombasa

Kate in Mombasa

Aweis finds a European Union Vehicle in Mombasa

Fort Jesus Museum, Mombasa. Fort Jesus is a 16th Century Portuguese fort built by order of King Philip II of Spain, who was also Philip I of Portugal. The Fort is located on Mombasa Island and was built to protect the Old Port of Mombasa.

Indian Ocean seen from Fort Jesus

Aweis at Shore near Fort Jesus: Old Port of Mombasa in Background

Aweis on the beach at Fort Jesus

Canon on Fort Jesus Beach

Shoreline tree near Fort Jesus

The Battlement at Fort Jesus

Aweis on the beach at Fort Jesus

Kate at doorway to Fort Jesus Museum

Aweis at Fort Jesus Museum doorway

Remains of stone walls at Fort Jesus

Inside Fort Jesus

Brief statement of Fort Jesus' History

Barred window: Fort Jesus

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